Two playful pixies who love to flow, play, dance and spin together. Through sharing our passion for flow and movement with the world, we remind people that magic still exists


UPCOMING PLAY RETREAT! Join us in Tropical Paradise 16 - 22 Aug 2020



Our performance is a unique and exciting repertoire of fire. We spin and dance perfectly synchronised, creating magical burning shapes using fire fans, staff, hoops, poi and ropes into a choreographed high-impact show, building to a dramatic finale. Our stand out act is our partner fire hooping act. We flow harmoniously, combining dance, acrobatics and balance to captivate an audience.


In our mesmerising mini hoop act, we take our audience on a magical journey, where we manipulate space and time with a sequence of synchronised body movements and hoop manipulation to create magical shapes, patterns and illusions.


Combining a repertoire of LED hooping, acro-balance and LED poi we create a fun and high energy light show. We move together in a choreographed performance.


We facilitate and co ordinate movement, play, fitness and wellness retreats. Using our experience in circus, flow, fitness and performance arts, we guide sessions using various circus arts, movement, games and meditation exercises to explore and learn. This service can be incorporated into existing retreats. We are available to facilitate team building, camps and holiday programs for groups of adults and children. Sharing our knowledge, life experience, passions, skills and playing with everyone brings us so much joy.


We are extremely passionate about working with children. We offer circus, movement and flow arts workshops: Hula hoop • Poi • Acro balance • Juggling • Circus games. We believe in the immense physical and mental benefits of learning through play. Children gain confidence and the belief that anything is possible with determination and hard work. We have been teaching children all around the world and working extensively with various children's programs around Africa and Asia since 2012.


We love sharing our passion for circus, movement and flow arts. Grown ups often forget to play. Through our workshops we awaken the inner child and remind ourselves of the importance of playing. We offer circus, movement and flow arts workshops: Hula hoop • Poi • Acro balance • Juggling • Circus games. After playing everyone is left smiling and energised.




We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Through playing, I allow my inner child to guide keep learning, to laugh & be present, to believe in magic, to trust in the flow & to appreciate the endless beauty life has to offer.



With peace in my flow, I enjoy the movement of the wind and the waves flowing through the veins of my body following their natural flow.


We are husband and wife, flow artists from South Africa. We love to dance, flow, play and have fun. In 2013 the confines of the city got too much for us and these pixies needed to fly free. We sold everything we owned to answer our soul's calling…to travel, share our art and make a difference in the world. We have been travelling the globe, both performing and teaching all throughout South Africa, Mozambique, Europe, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal and Cambodia, sharing our art and passion for circus, movement and flow with everyone. During our travels, we learned and grew as artists, exploring theatre, story telling, acro balance, contemporary dance, circus and clowning. Love is our force, circus and art is our medium, change is our mission



Moonlight views





The Fiery Pixies are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are talented performers, dedicated instructors and great team players. Shaheen & Shouniez have worked with The Hula Hoop Institute at Club Med, Hoop Dream Retreats and with various clients in South East Asia. Their performances are exciting, engaging and well-costumed. They can teach multi-level group classes and have interesting material to share. They are some of the best team members we have ever worked with at The Hula Hoop Institute - reliable, responsible and take initiative to get the job done right, no matter what the job is. We have loved working with The Fiery Pixies and are excited to continue collaborating with them in the future!


The Hula Hoop Institute
Shaheen and Shouniez have been a wonderful addition to the Camp Magic team and we are grateful for all that they have contributed over the years. Their energy lifts their co-workers and children alike. They are quick to share their skills and show amazing patience and talent when guiding children in areas such as hoop, poi, acro balance and movement. They inspire the children they work with to strive to be their best while stretching them to move outside their comfort zone. They are open themselves to trying new things and never shy away from a challenge. They bring laughter, enthusiasm and enjoyment to work each day.


Camp Magic
Shouniez and Shaheen practice a high standard of work ethic, exuding an enormous amount of enthusiasm, they proved to be hardworking and dedicated staff members who will be sorely missed. As counsellors, they have a rich passion for working with children, they conducted all activities in a safe and fun way, caring for the safety of the children and ensuring their emotional comfort and happiness. The children found them to be great role models because they were friendly, helpful, funny and supportive. We were grateful for their contribution towards improving our Fire dancing shows and they were very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise with our staff. We highly recommend them to any company wishing to hire them.


Sugar Bay Children Camp
The Fiery Pixies, dedicated themselves to us & this retreat. Their focus never left us, through the days conversations & activities. They saw us as individuals & discovered a way to bring the best out of each of us. I found myself able to do things I never believed possible. The ACRO positions left me feeling, strong and fit. The hooping left me smiling for hours & feeling like a kid again. I also found my core muscles, which made me so proud. I was doing real HIIT training but I didn't realise I was exercising as the Pixies made it so much fun!!! The Pixies allowed me to feel safe enough to let my emotional guard down and be present. I was able to fly because I knew in my soul that they would catch me, physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. This retreat and the pixies will be a wondrous memory for me forever. Thinking of it makes me smile from my heart and realise what a privilege it was.


Blue Footprints - Movement, Play, Wellness Retreat
The Fiery Pixies have shown a masterful and stunning performance during the Voices of the Jungle charity event. The audience was impressed by their fire tricks & acrobatic dance elements. Thank you to The Fiery Pixies who donated their talent to support a good cause. I truly recommend to add these two to any event!


Orangutan Charity event
The Fiery Pixies a.k.a Shouniez and Shaheen Van der Schyff have been an instrumental part of our hoop journey. Their expression of their passion and creativity is evident in both their performances and their teaching. We at Hoop Flow Love have been honoured to experience both and look forward to their return to South Africa to share their wisdom and talent!


Hoop Flow Love
Not only is their performance absolutely mind blowing, it is the energy of the two performers that keep you on the edge of your seat. Two of the sweetest and most honorable people I’ve ever met. We’ll keep booking you guys every year for our festival and will do what ever I can to help spread their work, they deserve it!


Psy-Fi Festival - Netherlands
We loved The Fiery Pixes fire dancing performance so much, we asked them to our lodge a few times during Dec 2013 – Jan 2014. We cannot possibly say enough to describe how amazing they are. They have the most incredible fire dance routine which our guests loved!! All incredibly successful shows and added so much to our guests experience. They presented themselves in the most professional way and were always efficient, punctual and personable. They took the time to chat with our guests adding to the experience greatly.


Blue Footprints

One Take, Zero Edits... Totally Hoopnotic!




"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away"

We love to share our passion and art with others.
Teaching brings us such joy. Seeing the happiness on the faces of our students is priceless.




We don't stop playing
because we get old.
We get old
because we stop

George Bernard Shaw





Learn, move, discover and grow through play.

We are extremely passionate about teaching and sharing our practice and life philosophy "learning through play". We believe and have witnessed first hand the positive impact it has on the lives of all individuals, both adults and children, from all walks of life. 
Using our extensive experience and background in functional fitness, circus, flow arts, movement and dance, we take participants on a journey of self discovery, body awareness and mindful playfulness. Participants step out of their comfort zone as we guide them to reach their full potential using various circus and movement disciplines, theatre exercises and games, including hula hooping, poi, acro balance and functional movement conditioning.
Most of all, we let go, have fun and play together.


 With the ever increasing pressures and stress of today, we often forget to play. 
Join us in an intimate setting in tropical Indonesia, immersing
yourself in a week long journey of ‘learning through play’.
Move, dance, learn new skills, rejuvenate and get inspired.
Learning how to integrate more playfulness back into your life
to live healthier and happier.

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