Testimonials from happy clients


How do you sum up last week’s experience in a few words. 
From the moment we met it was clear that the Fiery Pixies aka Shaheen and Shouniez, would dedicate themselves to us and this retreat. Their focus never left each of us and through our day to day conversations and activities, their awareness of us as individuals and our distinct personalities unobtrusively grew. I look back on this now and realize how much both of them, as a team, took us as very different people and discovered a way to bring the best put of each of us, I am amazed and forever grateful for this huge investment in us. 

It meant that this retreat was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and on so many different levels. 

I found myself able to do things I never believed possible. The ACRO positions we did left me feeling, strong and fit. The hooping left me smiling for hours and feeling like a kid again. I also found my abs and my core muscles, which made me so proud and I was doing real HIIT training but I didn’t realise I was exercising as the Pixies made it so much fun…!!! I also felt an emotional connection to the Pixies and the other participants that I have not felt for a long time and often deliberately try not to feel in my day to day life. Because of the Pixies I felt safe enough to let my emotional guard down and fully feel and be present in everything that was happening around and to me, I was able to jump and fly because I knew in my soul that they would catch me, physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. And that is why this retreat and these people will be a wondrous memory for me forever. Just thinking of it makes me smile from my heart and realise what a privilege this was.. 

I love you guys xXxX thank you




The Fiery Pixies are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are talented performers, dedicated instructors and great team players. Shaheen & Shouniez have worked with The Hula Hoop Institute at Club Med, Hoop Dream Retreats and with various clients in South East Asia. Their performances are exciting, engaging and well-costumed. They can teach multi-level group classes and have interesting material to share. They are some of the best team members we have ever worked with at The Hula Hoop Institute – reliable, responsible and take initiative to get the job done right, no matter what the job is. We have loved working with The Fiery Pixies and are excited to continue collaborating with them in the future!